Info by apsdehal

October 13, 2012

Mess at IIT. Those bright dreams you see off. That you will get delicious food, after all you have passed the toughest exam called ‘JEE’ or describely ‘Joint Entrance Examination’, preparing day and night through hardships. Eating those clumsy hostel food and various mess food. Living those tough days away home, whether in Kota, Delhi or wherever you were, whether at home but you all still think of delicious hotel like food, tastier, spicier and elegant than home food.

Remember guys, I am telling you the truth they told me, they showed me and I experienced it, home food is the best food you will find anywhere in any realm. Nothing can beat it. Its 7 star for me. The mess will show you the real stories of IIT. You will eat any kind of food after eating here.

Usually called ‘hugga’, dal and aloo are the main and major parts of the food and they will always be present and everybody to go in your stomach. The potatoes will be unpeeled, the dal and milk will be in 1:100 and 1:4 ratio respectively. The chapati will not be fully baked with flour all around it. Machine baked chapati will make you remember you of mummy. The workers at mess are so rude that they don’t give anything a shit. One time and ice cream will keep you living the whole week. Mess secy will only set the menu and rest year hears bad things from the yearites. The hygiene is somewhere inadequate and not upto the mark. If you are like me you will stop eating in mess 2nd week whether you resort to other Bhawans’ messes or you to God’s almighty’s own favorite Afghani Cream at Sizzlers and Bru’s veg. kabab. There are lot of resources to eat over and burn down the hunger of stomach. Always hope for the best and live in Roorkee high and king size or else ‘Aloo or dal inke saath nikal jayega saal’.

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