Poem by apsdehal

October 8, 2012

I am the one who makes you cry,
See now there are tears in my eyes.
I know I am bad, I make you sad.
But you don’t know how much I am glad that you are in my life,
I am mad,
Baby, I am really sorry.
Tears fall on this paper as I write this,
Emotions are heavy on my heart
I am dying, tick by tick.
If you can listen me, as I call your name.
Please forgive me, I am too shameful.
Please, please, please Maam.

You are too good for me,
I don’t deserve you.
How can I be so lucky,
That I reserve you.
Tears are falling continuously, they don’t stop.
Paper tears with tears.
You are so noble, so pure hearted, that you love me,
I don’t know how can I explain, the situation upon me.
I like your soul, don’t hate me,
You are perfect all over from face to feet.

Maybe this doesn’t seems to be a poem,
This is love and pain, I bear in my heart.
I want to throw this pain away and love you till I die.
Hope I die soon and get to see you as a soul, always watch you,
there I lie.
Kill me but don’t hate me or think I don’t love you.
My condition is so worse, I try to find you in every other face.
I feel you,
I touch you,
I see you,
I dream you,
I live you,
I love you.
You are the one who supports me in every situation,
You bring me up as a baby, You care for me.
I love you that’s all I know.

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