Reviews by apsdehal

October 3, 2012

Batman: Arkham City sends the gamer to fly high and fight all the greatest and professional criminals of the Gotham right after the scenes of Arkham Asylum, Bad guys from the blackgate prison and arkham asylum have moved into the arkham city making it dreadliest place of all.

Batman Arkham City

When I ended Batman, I can see some things not put in place, There are numerous villians and batman still moves tightly around but i can’t stop playing this game at all. This game gives you feeling of empowerment over all the minor luchas around, and moreover this feeling continues to supervillians which too are easily subdued. After two years wait for the sequel, my wait was satisfactory on its own terms. Batman: Arkham City is a brilliant and must play game.

Rocksteady took the core gameplay tested it, refined it and polished it to create a whole new masterpiece. You can feel like a home at the city. You brawl with one button, counter with another and take leap whenever you want. New counter moves are waiting including attacking several enemies at once.You can use nearly every gadget with new hotkey system.Even the system is simple but the attack variety keeps on increasing and increasing.Different with different kind of weapons all have to be faced in different ways. You can easily outnumber 20 to 1 in a room by dropping a smoke pellet and the armor capabilities go on increasing. Feeling, acting and playing like the world’s greatest detective makes this sequel continues the legacy of must play from the arkham asylum. Coming to the Catwoman playing with her was a fun as I ever thought. Her moves are ecstatic and her walking cat style is best. You can download catwoman content containing four side missions to fully explain whats happening off screen.

Conclude:- Arkham city is the bigger version of arkham asylum more open and more friendly, playable. The game isn’t perfect but leaving behind some glitches, the wish to be the dark knight, empower the villians, solve riddler challenges and many more outrages them all. Batman: Arkham City is not only better than Arkham Asylum its better than many RPG’s out there.

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