Poem by apsdehal

October 20, 2012

Two sides of a human lie here in front of us,
Whether you know or not its all the matter inside us.
The Beauty is the virtue given by the God,
Kinds are two, one dominating other.
People use the one a way odd.
The outer body beauty is not provided to all,
But of those few granted, some use it to their fall.
They get a false pride that they are superior then others,
No one on this holy land is perfect to be their sisters or brothers.
Harsh to people, they speak the language of unknown,
Slowly, Slowly everything from their hands will be gone.
They decide their doom by their own hand,
The reward for the moment is grand.
But ultimately their end is near,
Because one who doesn’t have heart and sympathy for others,
Have God above to fear.
They utilize people to their own interests,
In the end, they lie in the pool of tears, tears and tears.

The world is big, it doesn’t end here,
There are too beatiful people to lost.
Beautiful not in the sense of color or hair,
As we go along this prose,
The essence of internal beauty will show on
This saga is eternal and will forever go on.
Just inside this temporary body lies a beautiful frost.
So lovely, so expressive, so cute,
That its peace of mind, piece of an inexpressible breeze,
Turns others still, fill listening freezed.
Such is the effect of internal beauty,
These people keep others happy,
While themselves they may be sad.
There only objective is to see the world merryand glad.

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