How I got into Web Development

June 17, 2014

This post is a classic mixture of stories of how I got into web development. So lets begin.

It was long and a freezing cold night, I was walking admist the holy road to MGCL in IITR. Suddenly, I realised the truth of my life. No, no, no, it wasn’t so much dramtic. I was first introduced to web development in an open lecture by SDSLabs. The lecture was on php and all got over my mind, I hadn’t given PAG’s test in the first year, it was my utmost urge to enter either SDSLabs or IMG, so I started preparing for both their test by starting learning basics right from HTML and CSS. I used the course material available from w3schools, but it was too creepy for a human to read. In the mean time I came accross and it had a amazing collection of video lectures which were easily followable, I covered much of the PHP, HTML and CSS in the winter vacations of first year. So I appeared in the test and was not selected in both of them. Broken but determined, I continued to thrive, burning my fuel of passion I learnt more and more. Then I came accross Roorkee Delivers and their plan to launch a startup, idea was great and I was offered to create their website, I took the charge nil of any service charge, only because till now I thrived to learn. I built up the website in matter of a month and was hugely complimented for it. RD was a success, and I was happy even though I got nothing out of it. People atleast now know me as a developer.

I continue to learn more, until my next encounter with Web during Thomso 13. I set up everything here from website to server made some minor changes in UI and had the website launched. After this I learnt git (after a suggestion from Das) to ultimately being introduced to the open source world and GSoC, I contributed to Mediawiki with full heart from December 2013 and learnt Laravel framework for PHP during this interval, I also brushed my Javascript skills during this time. In February 2014, I saw an article by SDSLabs that we welcome new members and I as all excited to loop back there where it all started, and I was determined this time, interview happened on February 12. On February 14, I was an official member of SDSLabs. From that day, I haven’t looked back and have kept that one spark burning in my heart.

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