Short stories by apsdehal.

October 5, 2012

Miss Malhotra, a senior citizen of one of the most buzzing cities Mumbai, preferred to live a peaceful life with her husband. But she never thought that there was a surprise in store for her. One day she entered her home, she couldn’t believe her eyes, that there was a cute child weeping on the floor. Her husband was impotent so there couldn’t, there never was a child. On asking the child his name biggest shock hit Miss Malhotra. He was her husband, it could be confirmed with his identity, eyebrows, face everything. How could this be possible, love and affection feelings towards the child demanded the answers. Her husband was a scientist so he used to do unusual things. She remembered that he was working on the time machine. One click, everything puzzled was simplified. Time has exchanged her husband’s two avatars.She went in the research room to find just pieces of machine. Now, the knowledge, faith and love of Miss was to be tested. Being a PhD she could understand easily the mechanism and working of the machine. She bulid up again in two days while taking care of child. So beautiful and inspiring the child was that love could be seen in the eyes of Miss. The machine was powered on. Eureka! It worked. The child grew older and older to Mr. Malhotra. She hugged him tight and said your past, present and future all are mine.

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